Where to Get a Rapid COVID-19 Test & Vaccine in Thunder Bay

Where to Get a Rapid COVID-19 Test & Vaccine in Thunder Bay

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the need for accessible rapid COVID-19 testing and vaccination has become crucial. Thunder Bay, Ontario, offers several locations where residents can obtain rapid COVID-19 tests and COVID vaccines. This comprehensive guide provides detailed information on where to access these essential health services, ensuring you can protect yourself and others effectively.


As the world continues to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, access to rapid testing and vaccinations remains critical in controlling the spread of the virus. Thunder Bay has implemented several measures to ensure residents can easily access these services. This guide will help you understand where to get a rapid COVID-19 test and a COVID vaccine in Thunder Bay, providing all necessary information and resources.

Importance of Rapid COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination

Rapid COVID-19 Testing

Rapid COVID-19 tests provide quick results, typically within 15-30 minutes, making them an essential tool for identifying and isolating cases promptly. These tests are crucial for:

  • Symptomatic Individuals: Confirming COVID-19 infection.
  • Travel Requirements: Meeting entry requirements for certain destinations.
  • Preventing Outbreaks: Quickly identifying cases in workplaces, schools, and other settings.

COVID Vaccination

COVID-19 vaccines are highly effective in preventing severe illness, hospitalization, and death. Widespread vaccination is key to achieving herd immunity and returning to normalcy. Benefits include:

  • Reduced Transmission: Lowering the spread of the virus.
  • Protection for Vulnerable Populations: Safeguarding those at higher risk of severe illness.
  • Community Immunity: Contributing to the overall health and safety of the community.

Types of COVID-19 Tests

There are several types of COVID-19 tests available, each serving different purposes:

Rapid Antigen Tests

  • Use: Quick screening tool for COVID-19.
  • Turnaround Time: 15-30 minutes.
  • Accuracy: Best used for symptomatic individuals or those exposed to a confirmed case.

PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) Tests

  • Use: Diagnostic tool for COVID-19.
  • Turnaround Time: 24-72 hours.
  • Accuracy: Highly accurate, considered the gold standard for COVID-19 testing.

Where to Get a Rapid COVID-19 Test in Thunder Bay


Pharmacies in Thunder Bay offer rapid COVID-19 tests, often by appointment. Some of the prominent pharmacies include:

Shoppers Drug Mart

Shoppers Drug Mart provides rapid COVID-19 testing services at multiple locations.


  • 901 Red River Rd, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 1K3
  • 1201 Arthur St W, Thunder Bay, ON P7E 5S2

Rexall Pharmacy

Rexall Pharmacy offers rapid COVID-19 tests. Check their website or call ahead for appointment availability.


  • 620 Arthur St W, Thunder Bay, ON P7E 5R8
  • 789 Memorial Ave, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 3Z7

Health Clinics and Hospitals

Several health clinics and hospitals in Thunder Bay provide rapid COVID-19 testing services:

Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre

The hospital offers testing for both symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals. Appointments may be required.

Address: 980 Oliver Rd, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 6V4

NorWest Community Health Centres

NorWest Community Health Centres provide comprehensive testing services. Check their website for more details.

Address: 525 Simpson St, Thunder Bay, ON P7C 3J6

Community Testing Centers

Community testing centers are set up to provide easy access to COVID-19 testing:

COVID-19 Assessment Centre

The Thunder Bay District Health Unit operates a dedicated COVID-19 Assessment Centre offering rapid tests.

Location: 1040 Oliver Rd, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 7A5

At-Home Testing Kits

At-home testing kits are available for purchase online or at local pharmacies, providing convenience for those who prefer to test themselves at home.

Amazon Canada

Amazon offers a variety of at-home rapid COVID-19 testing kits. Ensure the kits are authorized for use in Canada.

Where to Get a COVID Vaccine in Thunder Bay

Public Health Units

The Thunder Bay District Health Unit (TBDHU) is a primary source for COVID-19 vaccinations. They organize various vaccination clinics across the city.

Address: 999 Balmoral St, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 6E7


Pharmacies in Thunder Bay also offer COVID-19 vaccinations. Some pharmacies require appointments, while others may offer walk-in services.

Shoppers Drug Mart

Shoppers Drug Mart locations provide COVID-19 vaccines by appointment.

Rexall Pharmacy

Rexall Pharmacy offers vaccination services. Check their website for appointment availability.

Hospitals and Health Centers

Hospitals and health centers play a crucial role in the vaccination effort:

Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre

The hospital administers COVID-19 vaccines. Contact the hospital for scheduling details.

NorWest Community Health Centres

NorWest offers vaccination services. Visit their website or call for more information.

Mass Vaccination Clinics

Mass vaccination clinics are organized to efficiently vaccinate large numbers of people. These clinics are often set up in community centers and other large venues.

CLE Coliseum

The CLE Coliseum has been used as a mass vaccination site in Thunder Bay, offering ample space and resources to handle a high volume of vaccinations.

Address: 425 Northern Ave, Thunder Bay, ON P7C 2V7

Booking an Appointment

Online Booking

Most locations offering COVID-19 tests and vaccines in Thunder Bay have online booking systems. Visit their websites to schedule your appointment:

Phone Booking

If online booking is not available or convenient, you can call the respective locations to book your appointment.

What to Expect During the Testing and Vaccination Process

COVID-19 Testing

  • Arrival: Arrive at your scheduled time with identification and any necessary paperwork.
  • Testing Procedure: A healthcare professional will conduct the test, which may involve a nasal or throat swab.
  • Results: For rapid tests, results are typically available within 15-30 minutes. PCR test results may take 24-72 hours.

COVID-19 Vaccination

  • Pre-Vaccination: You will be screened for symptoms and eligibility.
  • Vaccination: A healthcare provider will administer the vaccine, typically in the upper arm.
  • Post-Vaccination: You will be observed for 15-30 minutes for any immediate adverse reactions.
  • Follow-Up: You may need to schedule a second dose if required by the vaccine type.


Is the Rapid COVID-19 Test Accurate?

Rapid antigen tests are highly accurate for detecting COVID-19 in symptomatic individuals. However, PCR tests are more sensitive and are the gold standard for COVID-19 diagnosis.

Are COVID-19 Vaccines Safe?

COVID-19 vaccines approved in Canada are safe and effective. They have undergone rigorous testing and continue to be monitored for safety.

Can I Get a COVID-19 Test Without Symptoms?

Yes, many testing sites in Thunder Bay offer testing for asymptomatic individuals, especially if you have been exposed to a confirmed case or require testing for travel.


Finding a place to get a rapid COVID-19 test or a COVID vaccine in Thunder Bay is straightforward with the numerous options available. From local pharmacies and health clinics to public health units and community testing centers, residents have access to these essential services. Staying informed about where and how to get tested or vaccinated is crucial in the ongoing effort to combat COVID-19. Ensure you book your appointments as needed and follow all health guidelines to protect yourself and the community.

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